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 Boston Town Kids!

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Lil Kinz
Lil Kinz

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PostSubject: Boston Town Kids!   Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:29 pm

You have just moved to Boston and you have butterflies in your stomach and you groan.Your car parks infront of a three foot house and you stare at it wondering who will live there with you.The family form:Name~ Age~ Gender~ Personalitiy~ Description~ Looks~ Other~.My family form:Name~Leslie Age~14 Gender~Female Personalitiy~Snobby and Cute Description~Swimming,Dancing and Singing Looks~Chocolate brown hair,Crystal blue eyes and Pale peach skin Other~None.Name:Bailey Age~36 Gender~Female Personalitiy~Nice and Fun Description~Swimming,Singing,Dancing and Cleaning Looks~Dark black hair,Mud brown eyes and Pale dark skin Other~She is a stay-at-home mom and she's married.Name:Brad Age~37 Gender~Male Personalitiy~Nice Description~Swimming and Soccer Looks~He has beach blonde hair,Walnut hazel eyes and Pale peach skin Other~He plays pro soccer and has been married for 5 years.Name~Cara Age~12 months Gender~Female Personalitiy~Cute and Funny Description~I don't know Looks~Short blonde hair,Emerald green eyes and Pale white skin Other~Nope.Pet Form:Name~ Type~ Age~.Name~Ziggy Type~Golden Retrever Age~4 months.
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PostSubject: Re: Boston Town Kids!   Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:12 pm

Name~Kathrine:Jessica:Sally:John:Kassie Age~14:15:37:37:12 Gender~Female:Female:Female:Male:Female Personalitiy~Snobbey and Cute:Snobbey and Cute:Fun:Fun:Cute and Faithful Description~You'll see Looks~Creamy blonde hair,Crystal blue eyes and Dark skin:Same hair,Emerald green eyes and Same skin:Chocolate brown hair,Hazel eyes and Dark skin:Beach blonde hair,Brown eyes and White skin:Hazel eyes,Pale peach skin and Black hair with green streaks Other:Popular:Popular:Nope:Nope:She had a accident with her mom's hair dye.
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Boston Town Kids!
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